Admissions to Genesis Collegiate

During the admission process, our goal is to make sure that Genesis Collegiate is the right educational institution for your child and meets your expectations.

For us, it is important to be sure that both children and their parents, in joining the Genesis community, will fit in smoothly and embrace the educational vision of our school.

Check all the information you need you make the best decision for the future of your children, and let us meet for an introductory discussion.

Book a Visit

All you have to do is book a visit to our campus. You can contact us either at the school reception desk or by e-mail at Next you will fill out a questionnaire, designed as an exchange of relevant information between us and our potential customers, and to help us understand your expectations about schooling and education.


Campus Tour and Presentation of the Educational Offer

Our Evaluation and Admissions Director and PR Specialist will show you our school, together with the current educational offer.

Assessment of Decision

This process is a mutual one between both parties: parents and school representatives must assess whether Genesis Collegiate is the most suitable option for the child, and there are cases where our advisors may recommend other educational institutions. Child enrollment at Genesis Collegiate takes into account compatibility of the family's moral values with the educational principles of our institution.


Testing the Student and Spending a Day in Our School

The last step of the assessment process involves testing the child’s current knowledge levels, but also to assess his or her characteristics in terms of socio-emotional development. An essential part in this process is for the child to spend a whole day in our school, so as to carefully observe how he or she negotiates the new environment, the interest shown in various activities, and co-operation with theteachers.


Communication of the Final Acceptance/Rejection Decision

To complete the enrollment process, parents will fill out a registration form, sign off the educational contract and pay the registration fee.

Other Information


  • One time enrollment fee: 180 EUR;

       Financial contribution per child:

  • 350 EUR/month - short/adjustment programme,

     08.00 – 13.00 (includes lunch);

  • 450 EUR/month - long programme, 08.00 am – 4.10 pm;

  (there is a 10  months payment obligation)


  • 1% annual loyalty discount;
  • 10% discount for the second child enrolled at Genesis Collegiate.
  • Annual fee for materials: 200 EUR.


  • Admission and evaluation fee: 250 EUR.
  • School enrollment fee: 250 EUR;

 Financial contribution per student:

  • 750 eur/month – preschool, grades I – IV;
  • 750 eur/month – grades V – VIII;

      (there is a 10  months payment obligation)


  • 1% annual loyalty discount;
  • 10% discount for the second child enrolled at Genesis Collegiate.

Annual fee for materials: 250 EUR.


The tuition and transportation fees include:

  • supervision and school activities, from Monday to Friday, in the time frame 8:00 a.m - 4:10 p.m. /6:00 p.m.;
  • breakfast, fruit snack and lunch;
  • school books;
  • 10 English classes/week, of which 2 are taught by a native speaker;
  • clubs, which complement the activities from the curriculum;
  • a consolidation programme - doing the homework at school and individual study, under the guidance of the class primary teacher/professor.

About the tuition fee 2018-2019

  1. The tuition fee is to be paid in advance - between the 10th   - 20th of the spot month, for the next month;
  2. The deadlines for paying the above mentioned tuition fees are to be complied with, for the good functioning of the institution;
  3. The following are not deducted from the tuition fee: absences, mid-semester and semester breaks, winter and spring holidays, the national holidays and other legal holidays, the days when extra-curricular activities or school camps are organized, etc.;  
  4. The transportation fee is not recalculated for the periods of time the student is absent

Children who have been attending Genesis Collegiate for several years benefit of a 1% discount from the tuition fee for each new year of study.  


Methods of payment

Payments can be made at the school accounting office or directly to the following account: RO42 INGB 0000 9999 0526 6188


For more details, please contact the school’s secretariat.

At Genesis Collegiate we have chosen to wear the school uniform because of the sense of belonging that it gives, associated with the students’ pride to wear the distinctive logo and insignia, which help them integrate and define their identity in the community. 

In addition, the uniform helps at social inclusion, by reducing social status differences and it also plays an important part in the protection of students, by allowing to identify any persons unrelated to the school.


Contact us

  • Pre-school: 031 425 05 62,
  • School: 031 425 05 63,
  • PR:
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