Educational facilities

The facilities of the Genesis Campus contribute to creating a safe and child-friendly environment and are the preconditions for children’s optimal development physically, intellectually and emotionally. Our students have the benefit of learning in a stable, attractive and age-appropriate space that offers them continuity in evolution from kindergarten to high school.


We have arranged and personalized our classrooms according to the ages of children, with appropriate furniture and layout that allows for natural and well-balanced development in attractive, flexible and generous spaces. We cater to our kids from kindergarten to high school level, providing them with the necessary environment to carry out the activities specific to each age group and each stage of their educational path. All classrooms have the resources and equipment required for different educational activities, including interactive whiteboard, projector and computer. Students have the benefit of information being presented to them in a captivating format that makes use of all the educational benefits of modern technology.

Science and Art Laboratories

We have created spaces that are suitable for scientific and artistic activities, so as to stimulate the natural curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation of children. With our science and art laboratories we lay the foundation for a solid and experience-based educational process that develops both logical thinking and aesthetic sensitivity. Our laboratories help students to put their intelligence and acuteness to good practical use, to better understand chemistry, computer science or mathematics, to develop their artistic skills. For kindergarten children we have developed the Arts Center: exhibits that showcase their creativity can be admired in the spaces for personal work.


We support and develop our students' passion for books and reading. The library of the school includes both Romanian authors and foreign literature books, dictionaries, atlases, encyclopaedias, books that feed child imagination and enrich the general culture of small readers. In the library, students discover the value of reading, but they also learn to respect books and treat them with care. If they so wish, students may help complete our collection by donating books they have already read and which could enrich their colleagues' literary experience.
The library also provides access to digital resources such as the National Digital Library and The European Library.

Indoor sports ground and gym

We combine natural and healthy eating with sport to ensure well-balanced growth and a good tonus to our children. We provide a covered indoor sportsground where students play football or table tennis, and take their gymnastics classes. The gym enable kindergarten kids and school students to participate in aerobics, dance, ballet or aikido classes, according to their schedule. We are perfectly aware of the importance of sport and include it in daily activities, in the form of games, competitions or actual sports classes, and for that purpose we carefully maintain our sports facilities and make investments to develop them.


An experienced nurse in the medical and childcare fields is present at all times in the Genesis Campus. We have a well-equipped infirmary, stocked with all the necessary medicine and sanitary supplies required for first-aid situations.

Logistics Facilities

School car fleet and transport service

Genesis Campus owns a private car fleet with 11 minibuses that can seat 8 passengers. Our team of drivers are experienced in the transport of children, and at the request of parents we provide safe and high-quality paid shuttle service to and/or from school.

Video surveillance and security

Child safety is one high priority for us. We have a video surveillance system and we have a contract with a security company that deals with campus security and safety, so that we can provide our children with an optimal environment in which to grow and develop, and a safe space for explorations. Parents with kindergarten-age kids have the chance to watch their children during their daily activities.

Private courtyard and playground for children

At the kindergarten level we arranged an outdoor playground and equipped it with outdoor toys and attractive appliances. To ensure our children's safety, the play area is fully covered with tartan-protective plates.

Primary and secondary school students have an outdoor courtyard where they can relax and play or carry out various activities and games.

Campus kitchen and dining rooms

We promote a natural and healthy diet regime and encourage a properly balanced combination of foodstuffs. In our own kitchen, we use good quality ingredients to daily prepare tasty meals. We take into account the caloric and protein requirements of each age group, and the menu, freshly cooked every day, includes two main meals, i.e. breakfast and lunch, and two snacks, one of which is fruit.


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