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May 10, 2019

Reading Month

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The year 2019 is officially declared as the Year of the Book in Romania. In this sense, we dedicate May, throughout this school year, to books and reading. During this period, we set out to create a series of events and activities for children to raise their interest in reading. We will organize visits and reading workshops to the school library or our partner, the Metropolitan Library, meetings with children's book authors and other activities, all of these in order to create a beautiful relationship between children and books. "In MAY, we read MORE!"
December 15, 2018

Christmas Festival

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The theme of this year's festival came after the Moon Centenary project and was a feast filled with traditional Romanian elements. The students presented Romanian artistic moments, singing, dancing and participating in workshops with traditional themes, for which Santa Claus rewarded, of course, the effort! The representation of the musical ensemble "Drumul Baltagului", Borca, was the surprise moment of the festival, the children admiring, enthusiastically, the characters and the traditional carols.
December 10, 2018

December - The Month of the Centenary at Genesis Collegiate

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In December, at Genesis School, the "Month of the Centenary" takes place. Over the course of three weeks, until the beginning of the winter holiday, we will celebrate, Romanian, the Centenary of the Great Union. We intend to contribute to the development of feelings of appreciation, respect and promotion among our pupils, of Romanian values, as well as of the pride of our national identity. Throughout this project, various activities will be held in the school to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, with the aim of knowing and respecting the fundamental values ​​of national history and culture.…
June 05, 2018

Change the World Model United Nations

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A team of students from Genesis Collegiate received an award this year at the “Change the World Model United Nations” conference, held in March at the UN headquarters in New York. Each year, around 2,500 students and students from around the world take the seats of United Nations ambassadors, debate in English and look for solutions to some of the most serious problems of mankind. In addition to the development of oratory qualities, students who participate in the Change the World Model United Nations benefit from a complex international experience that enriches their knowledge of English and general body of…
June 04, 2018

Career Month

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We set up meetings between middle school students and labor market specialists, constantly encouraging them to get acquainted with the best known and appreciated professions. During the Career Month, which was held for the first time this year in February, the students learned about the skills needed to acquire a professional position, such as a properly drafted CV, what benefits volunteer brings to finding a job, and what are the wages in the preferred areas of students. We found the answer to these questions not only at school but at the headquarters of some companies in the fields of marketing,…
June 01, 2018

Anti-bullying Month

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At Genesis Collegiate, each and every person is respected and cherished for what they are. We respect our students and encourage them to show respect for each other, as well as for their own persons. We have created a climate that supports the free affirmation of personality and free expression, but also the consideration of different opinions. Throughout the school year, we run social-emotional development programmes and programmes to prevent bullying, and we do not hesitate to intervene upon the very first signs of such situations. At Genesis Collegiate, May is the Anti-bullying Month, and during this time we focus…
May 30, 2018

Musical evenings

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At Genesis Collegiate musical evenings and matinees, students present their instrumental and vocal qualities in a friendly and encouraging environment designed to support their passion for music. The events are organized by the Genesis Collegiate Music School, in collaboration with the "Iosif Sava" Music School, and during this time the children hold mini concerts from the classical repertoire. "The musical program started from the desire to give children the opportunity to study a musical instrument and to develop their vocal qualities in a frame compared to that of a music school, the program being structured in a similar way. Going…

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