Musical evenings

At Genesis Collegiate musical evenings and matinees, students present their instrumental and vocal qualities in a friendly and encouraging environment designed to support their passion for music. The events are organized by the Genesis Collegiate Music School, in collaboration with the "Iosif Sava" Music School, and during this time the children hold mini concerts from the classical repertoire. "The musical program started from the desire to give children the opportunity to study a musical instrument and to develop their vocal qualities in a frame compared to that of a music school, the program being structured in a similar way.


Going forward, we chose the team of teachers, organizing auditions and musical meetings to give children the joy of receiving and sharing their experiences with others, facing emotions and the need to transform them in thoughts and experiences that will help them convey the musical message "says Laura Dănăilă, coordinator of the Genesis Collegiate Music School.

The first musical event was held five years ago, and the excitement it generated convinced us to continue. Over time, our students' music has been heard in the Palace of Parliament, Suţu Palace, Mogoşoaia Palace or Iosif Sava Music School. Today, musical evenings and dances are not part of the Genesis Collegiate event calendar.


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