Anti-bullying Month

At Genesis Collegiate, each and every person is respected and cherished for what they are. We respect our students and encourage them to show respect for each other, as well as for their own persons. We have created a climate that supports the free affirmation of personality and free expression, but also the consideration of different opinions. Throughout the school year, we run social-emotional development programmes and programmes to prevent bullying, and we do not hesitate to intervene upon the very first signs of such situations.

At Genesis Collegiate, May is the Anti-bullying Month, and during this time we focus our energy on events and strategies to discourage teasing and harassment, and to stimulate cohesion.
Throughout all of the Anti-bullying Month we have meetings where teachers and class masters discuss the dynamics of their classrooms and develop, with the help of psychologists and psycho-pedagogues, practical guidelines for addressing the different situations encountered in children group, based on the principles of positive discipline. We grant particular attention and care to the strategy of integrating children with special educational needs, and discussing the most appropriate methods of intervention in bullying situations.
Moreover, class masters accompanied by a psychologist discuss with their students about the most appropriate ways to relate and resolve conflicts, but also about what bullying means and looks like in practice, and what to do when involved in such a situation, either directly or as witnesses.

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